Trigonometry Formula Memorization Trick

What is Trigonometry?

It is the branch of Math, which deals with the sides, angles, triangle, and distances. The study of the relationships between distances and the angles are termed as Trigonometry. The term Trigonometry was derived from Greek word meaning measurements of triangles. It is an applied mathematics, which is used to calculate the angles and sides of a given triangle. The Greek astronomer and mathematician Hipparchus is known as a father of Trigonometry as he was the first person to create the Trigonometric table.

Trigonometry Formula Memorization Trick

The trigonometric application is widely used in several fields including engineering, science, astronomy and more. Common formulas mainly used here are- Law of Cosines, Law of tangents and Euler's formula. It is quite difficult to memorize the formulae but we can crack it.
Many of us have faced the difficulties in memorizing Trigonometric Formulae. Even after attending regular classes and tuitions, we are unable to recollect the theorems, identities, and formulas.
As the subject solely depends upon the analytical, practical and logical sense of the people, some find it easy and intriguing while others find it a bit strenuous. While some students may have a natural affinity towards the subject, others simply eschew from it because of their disinterest due to lack of proper understanding of the subject.

Most of the educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. have a systematic approach towards the science subjects to let the students build up a stronger base for the concepts and appreciate the subject truly. Still, there are some students who could not keep up with the pace and end up detesting the subject. So, in this article, a few tips are given to help students do better in science and develop a fondness for the subject.

A subject built from multiple theoretical and practical concepts cannot be mastered without building a proper foundation for it. So, it is advised that the students also start learning the basic concepts rather than only referring Ncert solutions or school textbooks.

Have you ever tried to mug up the formulas hours together? 
Never do this, instead of the mug up, try to understand the formulae, put down on papers, substitute the same formula and theorem with different questions.

Here are some important tricks to memorize Trigonometry formulas:
Be through with basic Trigonometric Formulae – sin, cos cot, cosec, sec, tan and more.
Try to learn as many formulae as possible and find some shortcuts.
Practice more problems and write more and more formulas.
Solve problem regularly, through problem-solving, we can easily memorize formulas.
Always try to learn formulas in simplest and easiest way. Never get confused or complicate the problems.
Write all the formulas, which you need to know and memorize in a sheet of paper.
Make a daily routine of solving problems.
Try to solve different questions on same formulas.
Purchase DVDs and other online Trigonometry courses available in the market. These videos help in easily remember the formulae for different angles.
The best and fastest way to learn and remember the formulae is by creating a trigonometric ratio table.
First and the last trick is to understand the basic formulae and try to imagine the problems in your own way.
Trigonometric formulas are quite difficult but nothing is impossible. There are many more techniques, which can make the formula easier. The best trick is working on more problems. Once we are perfect with this formulas, we can remember them throughout our life.

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