7 Myths about IAS Exam

IAS exam is surely one of the most challenging exams, its syllabus is huge and it does require a good amount of your time with dedication. But there are several people, blogs and websites with partial knowledge that misguide the aspirants with their own understanding of what the exam is all about. Here are 7 myths about the IAS exam. Download- Drishti The Vision Printed PDF Notes In Hindi

MYTH 1: The UPSC syllabus is “Everything under the sun and beyond” 
UPSC syllabus is undoubtedly huge and comprehensive, but UPSC does not expect you to know everything under the sun and beyond. There is a prescribed syllabus for both UPSC prelims and UPSC examination. It is indicative and NOT exhaustive. It is necessary for you to keep your preparation aligned well within the boundaries of the syllabus, for which a clear understanding of the syllabus is essential.

MYTH 2: IAS exam is all about mugging up and remembering facts.
The Civil Services Exam tests the conceptual clarity and analytical ability of the
candidate. UPSC Prelims examination will require you to remember a few facts but it
becomes easier when there are a clear understanding and conceptual clarity on the
topic. Cramming and mugging up will definitely not get you through this exam.

MYTH 3: You can qualify the examination only if you prepare in Delhi.
There are live examples of people from different states and cities clearing the
examination by preparing at the comfort of their homes. It is an undeniable fact that
Delhi has become the hub of IAS aspirants but this does not mean one has to shift to
Delhi to crack the examination. IAS preparation is about dedication and not other
factors such as the place of study.

MYTH 4: One has to study for 14-16 hours every day to clear the exam.
It is not the number of hours that you put into studying that matters. What matters is
the quality of time spent on understanding the concepts. It is practically impossible for
a person to study for 16 hours a day and still retain everything that is studied. “All
work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The key is to find the balance and to study for a
good 5-8 hours a day

MYTH 5: One has to study multiple books to gain “Mastery” over the subject.
For clearing the UPSC exam, it is very essential to revise the concepts and topics. One
can form perspectives and opinions when there is conceptual clarity. This comes from
reading one single book multiple times rather than reading about one single topic from
multiple sources.

MYTH 6: Luck plays an important factor in clearing the exam.
Success is 1% Luck and 99% perspiration. If you are determined enough to put in the
hard work and study consistently, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. It is
all about self-belief.

MYTH 7: It is impossible to clear the exam without coaching.
Coaching does give you a sense of direction and platform to interact with other fellows
aspirants but it definitely do not have to be an indispensable part of your preparation.
There are various platforms online to guide you in your preparation. Having a senior or
a friend who has cleared the exam to guide you will also help.

Every aspirant starts preparing for the exam with partial knowledge, unaware of the realities and substance of the exam. It is completely okay to take some time to understand the syllabus, strategy to be followed and other nitty-gritty.

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