Delete Your Internet Identities

There are many reasons for deleting yourself from internet but it is also not a easy task to do. Firstly, you need to make a list of sites where exactly you want to disappear yourself then you need to manually implement it.

How to delete your Internet identities online, technical helper

Introducing a new site makes it easy to delete your online identity. Rob Lewis, UK Based developer has developed this site. Basically, the site is a URL directory which carries direct links to delete your accounts on the major sites like Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc.

Nowadays several sites use a so-called " Dark Pattern " technique which prevents user to easily delete accounts which mean sway users from successfully deleting their account. ranks the sites from "easy" to "impossible" on the bases of the process of deleting the accounts. For example, eBay and Facebook are rated as easy to delete, Amazon is rated as hard while GoDaddy and Kik are rated as impossible.

So, In the future, if you want to delete you internet accounts easily you know where you have to go.

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