Using Google as an Online Timer

Google is a name which is introducing new services every now and then . One of such service which came to my notice is Google Online timer. Which enables you to set up an online timer with google search to perform all your timed tasks.

Using Google as an Online Timer, how to use google as a timer

You all might be thinking that it would be a complex procedure but it is as simple as searching something on google or at any another search engine, As shown above.

Here is the syntax for using the timer -

timer for <time> OR set timer for <time>
Here  <timer> can be the combination of  hours, minutes and seconds. Lets take an example, Suppose You want to set up the timer for 1 hour 10 minute and 4 seconds. So we will use the following search dork " time for 1 hour 10 minute 4 second " .
You can also use several online timers like and many others.

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