Facebook can see Everything in Your Photographs

As we all know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform that we are using today to share anything with our friends. You can share text, images, videos, links etc. but do you know that Facebook can track your image and recognize automatically whats inside the image or photo? Facebook can recognize weather, people, rivers, sun and much more in your photos.

Facebook can see Everything in Your Photographs
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Facebook Image Recognition

If you wanna know what can Facebook see in a particular photograph, you can check it with these simple steps below:
  1. Open any photo in pc or laptop
  2. Right click on the image and choose inspect element(It will give you the html code of the image)
  3. In the <img> tag you can see there is an attribute in the image "alt"
  4. See the value of alt attribute written within double quotes.
There You can see the actual complete description of the image auto generated be Artificial Intelligence technology of Facebook. I am sure you are shocked to see this trick. Yes technology is great and has no limits. This is not it, there would be much more to explore. So give feedback in comments, share with your friends and stay tuned.

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